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Eilat is the southernmost town in Israel, isolated from the rest of the country by the Negev desert. It is sprawled along 7 kilometers of Re​​​​d Sea coastline, between the borders of Egypt and Jordan, and offers spectacular views of the Gulf of A​​​​qaba. Originally a strategic military outpost, Eilat’s first incarnation was as a port, used for importing goods from Asia, such as oil and vehicles. In the 1970s, tourists began visiting Eilat. They were attracted by the coral reefs, sandy beaches, and the dry and sunny desert climate. The town began to develop, and tourism has become its main industry, serving as a popular holiday destination for Israelis and foreigners alike. Owing to being resort driven it is sometimes called the Ibiza or Las Vegas of Israel.



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30 November – 10 December  2018

03 – 10 December  2018

14 – 24 December  2018

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68 Eur

63 Eur


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Timna Park


Underwater Observatory Marine Park


Dolphin Reef


Red Canyon


Coral Beach Nature Reserve


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