HOT! Cheap direct flights to Palma de Mallorca from Berlin start from €21

Mallorca is known as an easy-to-reach mecca for friends of sunny beaches, amazing landscapes, wonderful mountains and affordable mediterranean food. With a coastline of more than 550km. In high season the island receives about 8 million tourists from around the world. This is both a blessing and a curse for the inhabitants, and they are well prepared for it and provide a very well-organized tourist infrastructure. Nevertheless, Mallorca can show even other faces when you leave the coastline and take a look at the inner country. Prices fall with each kilometer you move away from the coast, and reach the usual Spanish standards in the center of the island or even some parts of the mountain area.

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Berlin (TXL) – Palma de Mallorca (PMI) – Berlin (TXL)

Travel dates

07 – 16 May 2019

08 – 14 May 2019

14 – 23 May 2019

€ 21

€ 26

€ 21


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