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Eilat is an oddity in Israel, because it has so many tourists (many of the tourists are still Israelis). Located at the southern-most tip of the country, within its small “window on the Red Sea”, Eilat is first and foremost a resort town these days, devoted to sun, fun, diving, partying and desert-based activities. 320 km (200 miles) away from the tension often felt in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, Eilat is a convenient escape for Israelis on vacation, but during the mild winter months also attracts thousands of European sun-seekers.

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Berlin (SXF) – Eilat (ETM) – Berlin (SXF)

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06 – 16 December 2019

10 – 14 February 2020

10 – 17 February 2020





Club In Eilat – Coral Beach Villa Resort

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